The goal of the foundation is: Supporting projects in Ghana in the field of health care, specifically is the foundation focused on the Hope for Children and Aged Rehabilitation center in Abesim Ghana.

Now, after the completion of the center, the foundation focuses specifically on expanding knowledge and learning to work with new techniques to employees of the center. Mr. Teus van de Kamp, orthotist / prosthetist and board member of the foundation, has a pioneering role in this. In 2014 he completed a three-month training program for six students.

Since then, Teus van de Kamp has been training and supervised annually for a period of 8 weeks in the workshop of the center. For Charles Jr. and the other instrument makers, contact with the Dutch orthopedic technologist is very stimulating and motivating. These young technologists appreciate this transfer of knowledge. In the meantime, a very good working relationship has developed between the Friends of Ghana-Laarbeek foundation and Charles Mensah and his son as well as the board members.

A number of projects have been realized in recent years, among others in collaboration with Wilde Ganzen.