Project 2018

Based on the good cooperation between the Friends of Ghana-Laarbeek foundation and the rehabilitation center in Ghana, board members have requested to play a coordinating role in the fund-raising for realizing of a solar panel system. That this is extremely urgent, our board member and instrument maker Teus van de Kamp recently experienced during his recent visit in January / February 2018. The power supply in Ghana is unstable (the national demand is greater than the capacity of the country) that it happens that power is cut greater parts of the day. Then it is not possible to use machines with the result that prostheses are not finished at the agreed times. Clients who have to return a later date, in a country with poor infrastructure, is very undesirable. To make the rehabilitation center future proof, this solar system is a must and we sincerely underline it. Verily a sustainable project!

Through all kinds of actions we want to try and get the required € 25,000 in one year, so in full 2018. We will be financial supported bij Wilde Ganzen.

So: are you participating? Then donate your (structural) contribution now. You have read that your contribution is spent on the project for more than 99% and you can also deduct your donation from your taxable income.

We as a foundation call on associations, schools, churches and service clubs to take action for this project. Of course we support and help you to set up and implement these actions where possible.